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Custom Equipment

Processing Equipment - HVAC, Automotive, OEM’s & Other Industries

CNC Tube Bender

CNC Spinning Machine

CNC Tube Integrated Machine (cut, end, form, bend)

Hairpin Bender

CNC Tube Chipless Cutting Machine

Washing Machine of Small U

Tube End Forming Machine

Tube Expander

CNC Tube Cutting & End Forming Machine

Return Bender

CNC Flute Type Punching Machine

Heat-exchanger (coil) Forming Machine

CNC Closing Machine/Spinning Mode

Fin Press

Ring Inserted Machine

CNC Tube Chipless Cutting Machine

CNC Tube Cutting and End Forming Machine

Welding Equipment

WE-Welbee P400


WE-Welbee M350


WE- Welbee M500


WE- Welbee M500L


WE- Welbee M350L


WE- CM-742U


Smart Controller FD11/FD Pendant


Leak Testing Systems

All Gases Calibrators

FSLT Calibrated Helium Leaks

CL- Calibrated Leaks

FSLC Calibrated Helium Leaks

CLOT Permeation Open-Style Calibrated Leaks

VSLT Calibrated Helium Leaks

CLO- Open Style Calibrated Leak

VSLC Calibrated Helium Leaks

PSO- Positive Shut-Off Valve- Calibrated Leak

RLS Calibrated Refrigerant Leaks

CLOR Replaceable Open-Style Calibrated Leaks

FSLTL Calibrated Refrigerant Leaks

GPP Glass Permeation Calibrated Helium Leaks

RSC Calibrated Refrigerant Leaks

GPPT Teflon® Permeation Calibrated Helium Leak

Evacuation and Charging Stations

GPC Crimped Stainless-Steel Capillary Leak

O-Seal Fittings

STORM® Quick Connects

Smart Connects

Helium Calibrators

Refrigerant Calibrators

Brazing Systems and Equipment

Brazing Aluminum Heat Exchanger Coils

Brazing Expansion Valves

Brazing Copper Heat Exchanger Coils

Brazing Solenoid Bodies

Brazing Service Valves

Brazing Steel Accumulators

Brazing Four Way Valve Assemblies

Brazing Sensing Tubes

Brazing Steel Condensers

Brazing Susidiary Components

Brazing Vibrator and Flexible Hose Assemblies

Brazing Copper Head Parts

Brazing Compressor Body Tubes

Brazing Four Way Valve Assemblies

Soldering Aluminum Tube to Copper Tube Joints

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